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Adults who work with youth can learn seven critical communication skills
that will allow them to really connect with young people,
be a game-changer in the kids’ lives,
and have a lasting, positive impact.

Youth program staff want young people to participate enthusiastically in the program and have a great developmental experience.


These leaders also have the potential to develop a mentor relationship with youth and have an impact in their lives beyond the program.


Strong for Mentoring Youth

But it isn't easy to connect with young people. It takes special communication skills, and most staff members haven't had training in these skills. This deficit limits their potential for creating high-impact relationships.


Strong for Mentoring Youth is a self-paced, self-directed virtual coaching system for improving 7 critical Communication Skills that will enable staff to create greater rapport while making young people feel understood and respected.


Conversations with program participants will be more open and meaningful, issues will be resolved more easily, and relationships with these young people will grow stronger.


As staff members and volunteers use these skills, they’ll be setting the example for the most effective ways of relating to others.


And they’ll encourage kids to think, which stimulates their brains to form a strong foundation for critical thinking, judgment and problem-solving.


The program also helps these leaders work on 12 areas of Personal Strength that are related to working with youth.


The skills and strengths in the Strong for Mentoring Youth program will enable youth program staff to become game-changers in their participants’ lives, having a lifelong, positive impact.

Strong for Mentoring Youth


Why do communication skills and personal strengths matter?

To really connect with kids in a positive way, staff will need to grow stronger in two key areas:



Communication Skills – The 7 most critical mentor-youth interaction skills

Personal Strengths –The top 12 practices for dealing with the challenges of mentoring today’s youth


Interacting in a positive, productive manner builds the kind of relationship that can help prepare a young person for life.


Strong for Mentoring Youth focuses on these seven essential coaching skills:

Strong for Mentoring Youth
  • Listening – Giving attention, checking understanding
  • Stimulating thinking – Asking questions to get the other person to think
  • Guiding learning from experience – Asking questions about what, why, consequences, and lessons learned
  • Engaging in dialogue – Keeping an open mind while asking about opinions
  • Giving encouragement – Acknowledging situation, affirming, offering support
  • Giving constructive feedback – Affirming positives, describing observed behavior, its impact, and desired behavior
  • Resolving conflicts creatively together – Asking about needs, brainstorming mutually beneficial options



Personal strengths are behavior patterns for dealing with the challenges staff face when interacting with young people. There are many ways to be strong, but these 12 areas make a huge difference when dealing with youth:


  • Awareness – being in the moment with a young person and noticing moods and changes in habits
  • Compassion – showing empathy and understanding
  • Composure – keeping your cool when things get hot
  • Empowerment – influencing youth by developing, inspiring, and encouraging them
  • Fairness – setting and enforcing reasonable guidelines
  • Flexibility – changing course as needed
  • Honesty – communicating the truth through what you say
  • Integrity – doing what you say you’ll do
  • Optimism – taking a realistic, balanced view
  • Patience – waiting for the right time to speak or act
  • Perseverance – not giving up, even in tough times
  • Tolerance – honoring the unique qualities of each young person
Strong for Mentoring Youth

The SCIENCE behind Strong for Mentoring Youth

Strong for Mentoring Youth

Taking courses, reading books and watching videos are helpful ways to learn. But these activities by themselves can’t build a youth mentor’s communication skills and personal strengths.


That’s because developing these core areas is a lot like working out at a gym to build physical strength. After people learn what’s involved, they need to follow up with lots of practice and repetition. As their muscles get stronger, the exercises get easier.


Improving personal strengths and communication skills works the same way. That’s because:

Knowing how to do something is not the same as doing it.

Even if staff know what to do, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it when they need to.


When they face unexpected challenges, they may not have time to think about what they’ve learned. They’ll only have time to react. They’ll automatically do what already feels familiar and comfortable.

That's because old habits are hard-wired in the brain. Mentors have to literally REWIRE their brain to create new habits. And this will require many repetitions of the new behavior in the real world with the young people in your program.

Strong for Mentoring Youth

With Strong for Mentoring Youth they get a proven process for creating positive habits. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


1. FOCUS on ONE area at a time and get tips, insights and ideas about what to do.


2. Take ACTION – Apply one of the insights in a real interaction with a young person.


3. REFLECT on this experience to decide what they can do differently next time.


And then they repeat this simple process over and over until the behavior feels natural.

How much time will it take?

Once they're focused on a single area for development, mentors just need to spend about 5-10 minutes on the program each day absorbing helpful tips, insights and ideas. The real magic happens when they use these insights as they interact with youth.

They can make getting a daily dose of Strong for Mentoring Youth a habit by using it at the same time each day.

Strong for Mentoring Youth


What staff members and volunteers get with their one-year subscription
Strong for Mentoring Youth

Virtual coaching 24/7 with…

The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

The Top 7 critical communication skills - videos with exercises and resources

The Top 12 strengths youth program staff need – 7 types of multi-media exercises for each personal strength area

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises


Power tools…

Their own private Coaching Network of people they choose

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about their success


Magical results…

Staff become more aware of the needs of youth

They really connect with kids

Issues get resolved

The young person feels understood, accepted and respected

Which builds more self-esteem and self-confidence

And the bond between mentor and youth grows stronger

The kids they work with learn how to interact in a mature way

The young person wires his or her brain to think critically

Which makes it easier to control impulses

What staff members and volunteers see the first time they log in
Strong for Mentoring Youth

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